Flora Aurima Devatine, Géraldine Le Roux and Chantal T. Spitz will be in conversation with Estelle Castro-Koshy about their latest books

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Dialogues Bookshop, 18h00 — 19h00

As part of OSPAPIKs launching, Tahitian authors Flora Aurima Devatine, Chantal T. Spitz, and anthropologist, Géraldine Le Roux will be presenting their latest works in Dialogues (a bookshop located in Brest’s city centre). The authors will discuss environmental issues, different forms of attachment to the ocean and to Indigenous island territories and in particular the sensory relationship with the sea and marine waste expressed in ghostnet literature and art. The meeting will be hosted by OSPAPIK researcher and co-director Estelle Castro-Koshy.


For more information: event held in Dialogues (bookshop in Brest, Brittany, France)

Venue : Dialogues Bookshop Address : Parvis Marie Paul Kermarec, 3 Sq. Mgr Roull Brest, FR